2013 Robot — Alpinista:

Alpinista at the Troy Regional

photo credit Daniel Ernst

Alpinista is our answer to the 2013 FRC Game: Ultimate Ascent. It uses a winch-driven arm to climb the pyramid to the 3rd level. The climbing mechanism has 3 metal hooks, two bolted to the frame and controlled by rubber bands, and one mounted atop the arm. During autonomous period, Alpinista also dumps 2 to 3 disks into the low goal with a “thumb” on the back of the arm. It drives on 4 wheels and can earn up to 34 points per match!


2012 – 2013 Season Official Awards:

Kettering University:

  • Rookie All Star
  • Highest Rookie Seed


  • Rookie Inspiration
  • Highest Rookie Seed


One of our first independent climbs during build season.


Sucessful climb and dump at Troy district competition qualification match 29.


Frisbee dump and scary fall from level 2 at Troy district competition qualification match 4.

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